R&R Pheasant Hunting Articles - Bird Dog Trainers

If you're looking for professional bird dog trainers, look no further than R&R Pheasant Hunting. Hunting enthusiasts from around the country inquire about our services because they want their gun dogs to be the best. A properly trained gun dog is an incredible asset on the hunt. Gun dogs possess the rarest combinations of traits: power and grace, and concentration and agility.

With the right amount of training, any dog can be molded into an effective bird pointer and retriever. Of course, some dogs are better biologically suited for this task, but we here at R&R Pheasant Hunting have found that there really is no continuity to the formula for success. If you come up to our South Dakota preserve, both you and your dog will enjoy an unforgettable learning experience.

What Your Dog Will Learn

We teach winning tips and techniques of champion gun dogs, so that you can impart this invaluable knowledge on your gun dogs. Once properly trained, your dog will look forward to the hunt more than ever. Hunting becomes a passion you and your dog can enjoy in a variety of environments.

If you're interested in giving your dog (and yourself) a vacation that you'll never forget, give us a call. We have stay packages that range from two days and three nights all the way up to five days and six nights. During that time, your dog will receive an immense amount of training which you can then continue once you have left our preserve.