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Car commercials will claim that a new vehicle won a car of the year award. Movie advertisement will proclaim "two thumbs up" for the latest release. Even restaurants will post their ratings or reviews in their front window. For many people, this objective rating will lead them to that particular product. When it comes to outdoors outfitters, one name stands above all others in rating and ranking the best destinations for hunters and sportsmen: Cabela's Outdoors.

Cabela's began in 1961 as modest mail-order outfitter for hunting, fishing, and outdoor gear. Today it has grown into the best-known and most-trusted name in the field. The Cabela's seal of approval, therefore, carries a lot of weight behind it. So when R&R Pheasant Hunting, LLC, received a rating as a Cabela's Certified Destination, it boosted our profile in the eyes of many experienced hunters and outdoorsmen.

We are very proud of this rating, and we feel justifiably so. In order to be named as a Certified Destination, there are stringent criteria that must be met, and they must continue to be met year after year. At R&R Pheasant Hunting, our business was born as a labor of love, and we will work very hard indeed to maintain this rating.

The R&R Pheasant Hunting Lodge opened just a few short years ago, and in that time we have become the finest such establishment in all of South Dakota. When you visit us, you will receive not only an expert guide, use of equipment for your hunt, and trained field dogs--all of which will maximize your hunt--but also the kind of hospitality that you can only get in a family-owned and family-operated business. We love what we do, and we take it very seriously. We promise to offer you an experience that is second to none.