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Although R&R Pheasant Hunting, LLC, opened just a few years ago, word quickly spread throughout South Dakota (our home state) about the unparalleled quality of what we offer. In fact, word spread so fast and so far, that South Dakota Governor Mike Rounds chose us as a location for the annual Governor's Hunt. He enjoyed his stay so much that he decided to endorse us. Soon, however, thanks to another endorsement, our reputation began to spread throughout the entire country.

Cabela's is a name that is known by hunters, fisherman, and outdoorsman throughout the entire United States, if not the world. What began as a simple mail-order business 45 years ago has today become the largest internet outdoors outfitter in the world. Each year, Cabela's chooses what they call Certified Destination for hunters. To receive this recommendation, a location must meet a stringent series of requirements (and it must maintain those standards every year after that, if it is to keep this rating). This rating includes reports not only from the Cabela's staff, but their clients as well. In other words, a location has to please not only the experts, but the people who use it every day.

R&R Pheasant Hunting is now a Cabela's Certified Wingshooting Destination. This not only raised our profile in the hunting community, it gave us something to strive for every year. We aim to provide our customers with not only the best hunting experience that we can, but also cozy and comfortable lodgings and top-notch amenities.

Our hunting lodge is apportioned with every amenity and creature-comfort our guests need to ensure a relaxing stay. For the hunt itself, you'll have an expert guide and trained bird dogs. We also have an on-site bird cleaning, packaging, and freezing facility. R&R Pheasant Hunting is the perfect place to bring your friends, your family, or even your corporate clients. For more information, email r_rpheasants@venturewb.net today.