R&R Pheasant Hunting Articles - Dog Boxes

Whether driving to or from the hunt, it is important that you have the right dog boxes for the job. Hunting involves a range of environments. In a single South Dakota day, you could be parading through grasslands, stationed low near a crag, or waddling through marshes or wetlands. You can safely assume that whatever terrain you cover will be doubled by your dog.

Dog boxes are necessary because it isn't humane to simply leash a dog to an open-air flatbed pickup truck. At the same time, it isn't realistic to have a wet and smelly dog sitting with you in the cab up front on the way home. Our boxes offer a nice middle-ground: sturdy aluminum cages with plenty of ventilation that protect the dogs and keep them secure, even if your truck is driving through some adverse conditions.

Dog boxes are not cruel. On the contrary, once dogs realize that getting into their box will result in a pheasant hunt, they will gladly welcome their new transport. If you have multiple dogs that you take with you on the hunt, we have dog trailers as well.