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Do you want your gun dogs to become proficient in the field? Dogs that understand the anticipation and flow of a pheasant hunt are extremely useful to their owners. What makes a good gun dog? Two main characteristics are coveted above all else: persistence and patience.

Dogs, as a species, are not particularly known for their resistance in pursuing food. Once a dog sees a tasty pheasant, his or her first instinct is to chase. The best gun dogs are those that can resist this urge and obey their masters' commands. For it is not in the owner's best interest for a dog to pounce; a bullet is always quicker.

Effective Gun Dogs Result in a High Yield

Because their eyesight, hearing, and sense of smell are more acute as compared to humans, dogs are used to first locate pheasants hiding in the brush. It is then their job to point the pheasant out to the owner, but not to startle it into flight. When the command is given, the bird is flushed out. After the kill has been secured, it is up to the dog to retrieve the pheasant and bring it back unscathed.

How's your dog supposed to learn all of this? At R&R Pheasant Hunting, we can help you teach your dog the tricks of the trade. In addition, we stock a number of quality gun dog supplies, like dog boxes and trailers, which are designed to make the hunt easier on your hound. Many of our clients are repeat customers because we can offer them an untouched 18,000 acre wild bird preserve. Both you and your dog will find it irresistible.