R&R Pheasant Hunting Articles - Gun Dog Supplies

When out in the wide expanse of the South Dakota wilderness, your most trusted ally is your dog. Whether you're hunting or not, your hound can help you identify landmarks, scope the terrain ahead, and most importantly, provide companionship. Hunting dogs are even more special because they make the entire hunt possible.

What does it take to properly utilize your dog in the hunt? He or she might have the right biological genes, but training and equipment are perhaps more important than breed. You need professional gun dog supplies to properly provide the right environment for your dog. The first thing you should be equipped with is a dog box.

Professionally-Made Gun Dog Supplies

Dog boxes are made to mount on the back of a pickup truck. They are used to safely transport your dog from home base to hunting location, outside the cab of the truck. Pheasant hunters use dog boxes exclusively because they are simply the most secure and convenient way to care for your gun dog on the hunt.

Don't compromise on your dog box. If you're in-between buying a dog box and building your own, compare the two options. You might be a master carpenter, but wood dog boxes will eventually, over time, warp and splinter. Your dog deserves only the best, because that's exactly what he or she is giving you on the hunt. Here at R&R Pheasant Hunting, we only use Diamond Deluxe aluminum dog boxes, because aluminum is the most versatile of all malleable metals.