R&R Pheasant Hunting Articles - Hunting Dog Training

Our guided tours are as educational as they are exciting. During the hunt, you and your dog will be exposed to the type of wild pheasant hunting for which South Dakota is legendary. Many of our guests visit R&R Pheasant Hunting for the dog training we provide while in the field. Such training is necessary and invaluable. You can rest assured that your dogs will be learning from the best.

Our training style is done in a way that accentuates the relationship between you and your dog. It is this bond that makes or breaks the hunt. Proper communication, either spoken or unspoken, is crucial if the hunt is to be a success. We teach you how to teach your dog, so that both of you are working together as one unit. Hunting pheasant is all about cooperation between man and dog, and we try to stress that.

Professional Hunting Dog Training

It takes time to properly train a dog to hunt pheasant, and that is one of the reasons why our vacations range three days and longer. World class hunting dogs learn over a lifetime, but the foundations of hunting dog training can be firmly planted at R&R. You can then apply our world-class instruction to your own hunting environment, wherever that might be. We teach a combination of proven methods, passed down through five generations of South Dakota hunters.

If you are looking for an intensive getaway where the technique of hunting is taught in a challenging and diverse field, we have the vacation for you. We also offer elk and buffalo packages, which are popular in season. Although he might not say it in words, your hunting dog will thank you.