R&R Pheasant Hunting Articles - Pheasant Hunting Dogs

If you own a sporting dog and are curious about how he would fare in a real hunt, we here at R&R Pheasant Hunting can provide the ultimate test. In our vast preserve, we can guide you on a number of expeditions that are designed to mix the roughness of wild terrain with the convenience of a day trip. What kind of hunting dog is hiding inside your pooch?

Once you have seen your dog in action, your perception of him will undoubtedly change. Even the most reserved dogs in domestication can be the best hunters in the field. Many of our customers come to our South Dakota lodge for their dogs' benefit as well as their own. Pheasant hunting with a dog is the ultimate bonding experience.

Tough Pheasant

We are fortunate to offer 18,000 acres of quality game preserve, which are full of pheasant. Known for their fierceness, these wild pheasant offer a great challenge to serious hunters. If you would like to broaden your horizons, check out our Elk/Pheasant or Buffalo/Pheasant Hunting Packages.

People come to our lodge from all over the country because they want a vacation that will present them with a landscape that is entirely different from their own. In this place, you lose a sense of time. Your mind relaxes as it focuses on one thing: the hunt.

When it comes to natural terrain, South Dakota is the perfect environment for your pheasant hunting dogs. Our most popular package stays are for three days and four nights. In that time, your dogs will get a lot of practice pointing and retrieving. Here, your dog will gain applicable hunting skills for any environment.