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South Dakota hunting lodges are the perfect escape for the outdoor enthusiast. With several to choose from, finding the cream of the crop isn't easy. For years, the family-run R&R Pheasant Hunting Lodge in Seneca, South Dakota has been providing clients with successful and memorable hunts throughout the 18,000 acre estate.

What do we offer that you won't find at other South Dakota hunting lodges? First, our flexible packages include three, four, five and six-night stays. For one low price you'll receive a professional guide, hunting dogs, elite accommodations and food, as well as trap shooting, bird cleaning and local transportation. This full-service treatment is unique to the R&R Pheasant Hunting Lodge.

Our hunts include pheasant, elk, grouse, geese, coyotes, fox, etc. More than 26 miles from the nearest town, our property consists of shelter belts, CRP, native grass and crop land. Additionally we are a Diamond Deluxe dog box and dog trailer dealer.

Preferred South Dakota Hunting Lodges
Beyond these qualifications we specialize in giving our guests signature South Dakota hospitality. Our four-star accommodations and first-class food attract both novice and seasoned hunters. Our property continually outperforms other South Dakota hunting lodges and has become the premier choice for business meetings, fundraisers and annual hunting adventures.