R&R Pheasant Hunting Articles - South Dakota Pheasant Hunting Guides

R&R Pheasant Hunting, LLC, provides your hunting party with a vast acreage on which to hunt our wild pheasants. We can practically guarantee that your party's hunt will be successful. There are multiple factors that make our services optimal for pheasant hunting: our well-stocked grounds, our trained hunting dogs, and perhaps most important of all, our skilled and experienced South Dakota pheasant hunting guides.

R&R Pheasant Hunting was founded by Sal Roseland. Sal grew up in rural South Dakota with both a passion and an affinity for the outdoors. Founding South Dakota's premier pheasant hunting lodge seemed a natural choice. Sal, and all of our guides, bring this same enthusiasm to leading your party on a successful hunt.

The first thing your guide will offer you is a personalized tour of the land. We will introduce you not only to the abundant natural beauty, but also to the best spots to find game. Our guides are also adept at using our trained bird dogs, and the combination of the dogs and your guide will maximize the hunting experience for you and your entire party.

Because not everyone in your party may have the same experience level, your guide will also be able to instruct members of your team in the best hunting techniques to ensure every hunter has a fun and successful hunting trip. For this reason, R&R Pheasant Hunting makes an ideal venue for a father to take his son on his first hunt, or even for corporate parties that include novice hunters. In addition to our guides, you'll find our lodgings first-class and comfortable, thus ensuring an enjoyable and successful hunting trip. Call (605) 436-6782 for more information.