R&R Pheasant Hunting Articles - South Dakota Pheasant Hunting Lodges

AT R&R Pheasant Hunting, LLC, the watchword is hospitality. Our business is both family-owned and family-operated, and when you stay at our South Dakota pheasant hunting lodge, we make you feel like you're part of our family. Because we love what we do, it's important to us that your experience be as rewarding as possible. This extends from the hunt itself to our plush and comfortable hunting lodge.

Our hunting lodge is actually closer in its accommodations to a four-star hotel than to what you would normally think of as a hunting lodge. After a long day in the field, the last thing you want is to return to lodgings that are dirty or uncomfortable. Our lodge, which is only a couple of years old, was designed both for maximum comfort and maximum relaxation. It boasts a large-screen television set, a hot tub (perfect for relaxing after a long hunt), and wireless internet access.

We offer several flexible packages, from two to five days (which equals three to six nights) for parties as large as 16 people. We also offer special rates for non-hunting spouses, so you can make your trip a real family affair. We also offer corporate retreats. In fact, we are one of the host sites for the annual South Dakota Governor's Hunt and are endorsed by South Dakota Governor Mike Rounds.

All of our packages include trained hunting dogs, as well as an experienced guide. Our guides will not only give you a tour of our vast acreage but can also instruct members of your party in the best techniques for your hunt. The bottom line is that we love what we do, and we want to give you the best hunting experience that we can. Fill out our Contact Us form to learn more about our exceptional services.