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Sal Roseland and Corey Cogdell


R&R Pheasant Hunting, LLC recently hosted a member of the 2008 U.S. Olympic Women's Trap Team, Corey Cogdell:

Codgell and a crew from Cabela's spent several days at R&R filming footage for the Outdoor Channel.

Cogdell is an Alaska native who grew up hunting with her father. She began shooting international Trap competitively just two years ago. Cogdell captured bronze medals at both the World Cup in Korea and the Pan American Games. She earned a spot on her first U.S. Olympic Team in March 2008.

"It was an honor to host an Olympic Athlete at R&R," said Sal Roseland, owner. "This was Corey's first time pheasant hunting and we're excited to have been able to show her some of the best of what South Dakota has to offer."

Cabela's Ultimate Adventures television show featuring Corey Cogdell, U.S. Women's Trap Shooting Team will air the week of August 24th & will re-air the week of November 23rd.

It can be seen on Outdoor Channel in the US and WILD TV in Canada.

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