R&R Pheasant Hunting Articles - Custom Dog Boxes

Every dog is different, so we stock custom dog boxes which can be tailored to our customers' unique specifications. Your choice of dog box or trailer will depend most upon your transportation. If you own a large flatbed pickup truck, you probably have enough room in your flatbed to install a dog box.

You obviously want your dog to be as comfortable as possible, and our dog boxes have been designed to accommodate a range of considerations. From little things like overhanging compartments that deter moisture to specialized vents that are used in the hot summer, customized boxes and trailers make for happy dogs. The more relaxed your dog is during the trip, the more energy he or she will have for the hunt.

Why Custom Dog Boxes Help the Hunt

On the other hand, inadequate dog trailers and boxes will leave your dog skittish and jumpy: two qualities that don't mix well with the patience and concentration that are required during a pheasant hunt. If you have a small pickup truck or no truck at all, you will need a dog trailer instead of a dog box.

Dog trailers vary slightly from dog boxes, in the sense that trailers are their own freestanding units, whereas boxes are mounted on the vehicle. Because they are trailed behind the truck, there are no size constraints. Additionally, if you have a dog trailer, you don't necessarily need a pickup truck, as trailers can be towed by any vehicle with a two-inch ball hitch. Many of our visitors here at R&R Pheasant Hunting inquire about purchasing their own custom dog trailers after they see ours.